Plastik Galizie

has just released the ultra sexy Galazie dresses in a few different
patterns & colors. I love the strategically placed cuts under the
boots and on the hips, revealing some skin but not too much. Every
color has a different pattern, and I have to say my favorite one is the
VictoreSpring which is entirely Black.

[ Plastik – Galizie (EvilGarden Purple) – (Aqua) – (VictoreSpring) ]

What I'm Wearing:

Cake – Swoon (Tipped Ocean) Hair
BeBae – Belina *Cinna: Cat-4b skin
Plastik – Galizie (VictoreSpring)
Plastik – Galizie (EvilGarden Purple)
Plastik – Galizie (Aqua)
Dark Mouse – Carry All Bag in Zebra
MStyle – Helios high Boots

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