L’oring Sophia Skins

L'oring skins has just released the Sophia skins in 7 makeups. I thought the face was cute, has great lips and a nice body. The eye makeup is too heavy but people who like thick liners and that smudged enjoy these.

Here is Sophia shown in all 7 makeups. As you can see the lipsticks comes in variations of pinks and reds and eye-shadows are pretty much similar on all skins.

Well, the body is nice but I think the nipples are a lil too pink (maybe some people like that?).

Tp to L'oring to demo Sophia and more.

EDIT // L'oring has been renamed to LAZOLLI skins now!

I'm wearing new Callie Cline signature tanks in various pink colors and new Astrid hair from Cake.

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