Hair Fair 09: Groovygirl

[ Groovygirl – Arial | Siana ]

Groovygirl has 5 hairstyles at Hair Fair, and a freebie style for everyone who stops by the booth! This brand is new to me, but there are already some cute hairstyles that I'm totally going to recommend that people must get!!

[ Groovygirl – Azerie | Sophie | Mari ]

All Groovygirl hair features a resize menu, which is kind if a pain to adjust hair. This might be good for new & inexperience players who prefer a menu but most people would like to resize/mod hair themselves using the traditional SL menu. But try the demos, if it's cute and you think you can work with the resize menu, buyyyy it!

[ Groovygirl – Cuteness (a freebie style @ Hair Fair for customers)

Tp to Groovygirl @ Hair Fair!

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  1. hiya gorgeous and thanks so much for your blog on my hair styles. :))) using the resizer script is actually new for me and i agree with you on the resizer. i’ve been sending customers who have purchased my hair and hate the resizer, non-resizer scripted mod/copy/no transfer versions of the hair. thanks so much again, i really appreciate the blog. :))) and stay lovely!

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