Fishy Strawberry Daphne Skins

Fishy Strawberry has just released their first line of Daphne skins. There are 3 skin tones (Latte, Cappuccino, and Mocha) to choose from and 3 brow options (Black, Brown, and Blonde). Shown here is the Cappuccino skin tone and all 11 makeups.

These are very good for a first skin line, and if you look very closely, there are tiny dimples on the cheeks! 🙂

TP to Fishy Strawberry

What I'm Wearing:

Head Mistress – Carlita (Barfly) hair
Fishy Strawberry – Daphne (Cappuccino) Skins
Fishy Strawberry – Summer Garden Blue lingerie
junkDrawer- Coconut Pie high heels (Pink)

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