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Big Bad Blogger Challenge – Day 1

Even though I'm the kid that can't play along or stick to other peoples rules, I have decided to participate in the Big Bad Blogger Challenge, where the lovely Alicia Chenaux can tell me what to blog for a whole week! Today's topic is:

How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I have been a blogger before it was called 'blogging' by the people who invented! My blogger account dates back to 2001, when I use to write about real life things. Anyways, when I first joined SL it didn't even occur to me that people blogged about this game! I started my blog shortly after discovering FashionPlanet, so I could have a place to write about all the awesome clothes, hair, skin, shoes, etc, that I've found all over SL.

How has it enriched my life? If I wasn't blogging SL fashion daily, I don't think I would log in as much. My "job" in Second Life is a landlady and I have a shop but it's terribly dull chasing after rental boxes and making things (which I hardly make!). I love that through blogging I can share my discoveries and help people spend their Lindens faster! I've gotten a lot of encouragement and positive feedback from this site, except for the few anonymous commenters that tell me how much stuff I blog suck – you know who you are!! If I didn't piss somebody off, I would feel like I haven't been opinionated enough. Jk.. I welcome all comments and feedback, you guys make blogging a pleasure for me. 🙂

That is all.. 'til tomorrow. I promise I'll show you a picture of my SL office again, I couldn't find it today.

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  1. callie cline

    aww nice!

  2. Naiman

    😀 you’re welcome! you do a good job with this blog.

  3. Sylvan

    I’m just all over the blog today. 🙂 Could you tell me which hair this is? Thanks. 🙂 The pose is great too, btw.

  4. Gogo

    hair from Mela’s = melanie774 kidd

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