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Big Bad Blogger Challenge – Day 4

Blogger's Choice! Write about anything you want! (BBBC Day 4)

[ Wilma + me at last night's blogger's party! ]

So today's topic is Blogger's Choice, this will be interesting! I know I rarely ever talk about my friends on this blog, so it seems like I don't have any, but I do and I adore them! I'm very protective of people I'm friends with, so I don't really like to name them cos I guess I'm one of those people that are uncomfortable talking about their friends because they're so dear to me. I know, I'm totally weird 😀 Anyways, I've decided to make a list of reasons why my friends are awesome:

1. I've been pissing them off since 2007 and we're still friends! (This applies to nearly everyone, lol)
2. They give me mod rights and don't mind if I move their stuff around or accidentally flatten their golf course (Sorry Ryan!)
3. I've landed on their "shitlist" at least once a month but they still love me (Wilma)
4. They're generous, kind, awesome, and very supportive of everything I do (All of you!)
5. They give me money even though I have more (LOL Davo <333333)
6. I can tell them anything because I know all their secrets too!!

I can't think of anything else right now, but even though I rarely ever mention you guys on my website or shower you with profile picks, you know who you are. 😛

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  1. Wilma Delgado

    now now. You’re going to get us in trouble. You didn’t flatten his golf course…our sim was griefed!!!

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    That was a very sweet post lady!

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