Blowpop will be releasing these N2 Elizabeth skins on June 23rd, along with Ava, Carmen, and Maya (not shown here). The N2 Elizabeth skins will have 4 skin tones, each makeup includes 2 different makeup versions and a separate underwear layer for public hair (because the skins are bare down here). The Elizabeth face is so sweet, and the N2 blows me away. I love fresh pouty young girl look, and the variety of lipsticks & generous lip gloss!

Overall, the Elizabeth skin is really lovely and these are my favorite Blowpop skins ever. I think the face is so very sweet and perfectly
done light skin tone will be a favorite for many people.

[ Blowpop – N2 Elizabeth – Tone B ]

If you're dying for a pre-release preview, join the Blowpop Update Group, there are are 4 exclusive group gifts for members (one makeup for each face in all skin tones). This sweet 'barbie pink' makeup is the preview gift for Elizabeth. SO YUMMY!

Tp to Blowpop

What I'm Wearing:

Maitreya – Bo (Strawberry Blond)
Blowpop – N2 Elizabeth skins
WTW – Lingerie ver10 pink:green
Lya – Valentina boots ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy" Hunt gift from Lya)

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