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dhR Skins

I've been reviewing skins for awhile now, and I'm still excited when I discover a new skin shop. This skin review, will be my 39th this year! Last year, I have reviewed over 37 skins, so I was pretty excited that it's only June and I've already beat my own record. If designers keep creating the way they do, I probably will review twice the number of skins this year than last.

Anyways… onto the skins!

[ dhR skins – Natural skin tone ]

dhR is a skin brand previously unknown to me, I have never demo'ed these skins until this morning and totally fell in-love with the face. These skins include tons of options, you'll feel completely spoiled because each makeup includes 3 brows colors (light brown, brown, and grey), and two lips version (sheer and gloss).

[ dhR skins – Natural skin tone ]

[ dhR skins – Natural skin tone – 3 different brows color ]

[ dhR skins – Natural skin tone – sheer or gloss lips ]

The dhR skin has a beautiful body, the skin tone is a bit glossy but I really like that look a lot. It adds the skin and makes it more realistic looking.

[ dhR skins – free gift skin with purchase ]

Right now, if you purchase any skin at dhR, you will get this special gift skin for free as part of the grand opening campaign. It has gorgeous bright blue makeup, and not sold as part of the skin packs.

Truth released the Restless Denim jeans and Second Hand Jacket this week in a bunch of colors. I thought the mintcream went really well with this skin, since they're both soft and vintage looking.

This look is really cute, it could totally be a new 'me' ~ I won't take it off until the next review! 😛

What I'm Wearing:

dhR – Natural Skins
Tekuteku – Cotton (Pink) Hair
Dark Mouse – Flights of Fancy Necklace
Truth – Restless Denim
Truth – Second Hand Jacket (mintcream)
Insolence – Emily Pink Tulle Set (Lingerie)
Sakka's Studio – Flat Shoes /Sash (Green)

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  1. natsuko

    Honey, wow!
    I didn’t read ur blog for like I dunno few weeks (sorry!) and I was like whoooooa, your such a hard working girl! I love what you do <3
    It was quite enjoyable:) and I do love the skins on this post! looks gorgeous!! Thanks for all the infos and such.

  2. Kalol Mommsen

    /me runs off to get a skin

  3. Ana Lutetia

    pretty skin!! <333

  4. Cyclic Gearz

    Those skins are amazing, I love the shading – so lovely!

  5. rvr

    do they have them in other skin tones?

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