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Hair Fair 09: Diversity Hair

Diversity Hair has released 5 new hairstyles for the Hair Fair. The styles are cute & funky, they're all different from each other too! Lots of cute colors to choose from.

Tp to Diversity Hair @ Hair Fair

What I'm Wearing:

DH – Loni (Mocha Brown)
DH – Griff (Punky Pink)
DH – Daphne (Mocha Brown)
DH  – Natsumi (Punky Pink)
DH – Elysia (Tootsie Brown)

[ Shown above: Full bright, full bright @ midnight, not full bright (SO MUCH BETTER!) ]

One of my biggest hair pet peeves is FULL BRIGHT hair textures. Full bright textures changes the way the textures look (in the case above, it added more yellow to this Natsumi hairstyle in Platinum Blonde). I don't want to wear full bright hair, ever. This problem is not noticable in daylight, but once you're at Sunset or darker, the hair will be the only thing that glows on your avatar (hopefully) and it'll look awkward. Thankfully, all Diversity Hair hairstyles are modifable, even though it still annoyed me to have to uncheck the "full bright" button (what if I forget? It would lead to wearing awful bright hair). Some designers create no mod hair, and have this option permanently checked…… believe me when I say that if I've ever bought your hair and it was full bright and I couldn't undo that, I have never gone back. And I will tell all my friends… that your hair sucks. So please for the lurve of gawd, if you must do full bright, make your hair modifable or include two versions. Nobody likes full bright hair, really! /end rant

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  1. Posy

    I’ll second that rant…lol. I don’t really get the full-bright hair thing. I have bought hair in the past, where when I’ve turned off the full-bright feature, I found that the brightness was kind of camouflaging bad textures. That is definitely NOT the case with this Diversity hair. When I turned off the full-bright the textures were beautiful and the hair itself is very well constructed. Super cute styles! I got the Natsumi style and it’s adorable!

  2. Sasy Scarborough

    on her studio for a year there was a prim bigger than the side of a house that said “Take off Full Bright” it worked as long as I was there, now not there she has gone back to full bright, shame really, because I agree I see them as intended, and they are lovely, I spoke to her about it before hair fair and she just cant let full bright go, shrugs.

  3. Hu

    I think there are two reasons there is hair like that:
    – They’re trying to hide the shadows created by environmental lighting and prims with transparency – this is a problem with lighter-colored hair like some of Laqroki’s/RAC’s long curly hair.
    – The designer just doesn’t know any better (“I made my vendor signs full bright, why not the hair too?”).

  4. Aleri Darkes

    Thank you for your post and feedback Gogo! The sign is still there Sasy lol. The reason I started having them as full bright again is that after a patch awhile back the texture colors were totally off from what they should have been, and were not the same hue that my texture file when opened is if that makes sense. So experimenting I turned the full bright back on and the texture was the correct hue again. Unfortunately it does have the side effect of glowing when in sunset or darker 🙁 I may change them back to non full bright, I just noticed that taking pics my hair textures weren’t looking normal and I didn’t want to misrepresent the actual hue/color of the texture. I hope that made some sort of sense lol 😛

  5. Ayami Imako

    I pretty much loathe full bright in general .. only objects that represent light sources should really use it in my opinion. Hair and jewelery especially are frequently full bright and it never looks good to me. Partly why I tend to shy away from no mod items … I prefer to turn it off.

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