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Hair Fair 09: Katat0nik

[  katat0nik – Vu Jamz Hair ]

[ katat0nik – Kat Jamz Hair ]

[ katat0nik – Gat Jamz Hair ]

My favorite kawaii stuff creator Katat0nik Pidgeon is at hair fair with 3 yummy hairstyles!! Shown above are two color packs available for each hairstyle, the 'colors' or the 'naturals' pack, each features an assortment of different colors that can be selected via a menu. The menu features options to show/hide the headphones, color the music notes, bangs, bangs streak, streak and hair. You can make it all the same, or all different colors. These hairstyles are super fun to colorize!

Tp to Katat0nik at Hair Fair! You should have no trouble tp'ing to Hair Fair right now, the traffic has lowered a bit since the beginning of the week.

I'm wearing katat0nik's Ice Cream Party dress in White, with a great pair of Winged Boots from Yabusaka! Right now they're on sale for 50% off to celebrate the Yabu sim's 1st birthday, sooo you should check them out they're a great deal and they come in 2 versions (with wings or without wings).

What I'm Wearing:

katat0nik – Vu Jamz Hair
katat0nik – Kat Jamz Hair
katat0nik – Gat Jamz Hair
Gala Phoenix – Petal[Dark] Vixen-Pure 2
katat0nik – Ice Cream Party Dress (white)
Happy Tantrum – Candy Necklace
Yabusaka – Winged Boots (white)

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  1. imaozgrl tucker

    Hi there, I read that people never leave comments and I wanted just to leave you a short message and let you know I read it first thing before I log onto SL. I love these KataOnik hairdos there awesome. Love your blog its clean simple and easy to get around. I am australian and the issue of banning us from playing online games is just beyond my comprehension as a responsible adult who supervisors her daughter playing on the internet I feel like it’s a punishment because some people can not be bothered to watch what the children and teens are actaully doing I work full time, clean the house etc. I still find time to pop in every few minutes to protect her. oh well no need to ramble on here love your blog keep up the great work.

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