Truth has released 4 fabulous women's hairstyles @ Hair Fair. You've probably seen many people go gaga over these hairs and totally well-deserved, the styles are adorable. Shown above are 4 of the hairs in "blondes" colors since they're my favorite colors.

I'm Wearing:

Truth – Sophia (Seaspray)
Truth – Romy (Tahiti)
Truth – Esme (Driftwood)
Truth – Twiggy (Platinum)

Be sure to visit Truth @ Hair Fair! (there's a gift for you!)

note* Yes I know the Hair Fair sims are hard to enter right now, but don't give up! The traffic will wear off soon as more people are able to purchase the goodies and leave! πŸ™‚

Update!! The no mod was an SL glitch, and creator tomo Zenovka was nice enough to send replacements prims! YAY <3 I'm happy again!

I'm wearing the WTC lingerie v16 set here, which includes 2 options (bra/panties or with a cami and pants). WTC (by tomoe Zenovka) is a lingerie shop new to me, and I found so many adorable lingerie sets for cheap! For some reason the WTC lingerie ver16 (in green) that I purchased is no mod, so couldn't un-tint my leg prims or resize it to fit (I had to move the prims around my leg to make it fit). I went back to the shop to check, and sure enough another color of the set I bought had mod perms ~ so be sure to double check what you're purchasing! I'm totally bummed I have to ask the creator for modifiable leg prims, which is a hassle that could have been avoided if the perms are mod/no trans to begin with!

If you're purchasing lingerie without prims, the perms are no copy/trans, which is great for gift giving. Despite my annoyance with the perm issue at WTC, I really like this shop so far, and am totally adding it to my list of places to check when I want new lingerie.

Tp to WTC shop

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