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The Summer Lovin' Hunt – July 5th – July 12th, 2009

The Summer Lovin' Hunt is all about celebrating the hot weather and having the freedom play in the sun.

To find your summer gifts, you can do one of 2 things. Firstly, use the below landmarks as starting points to follow the chain around the 4 sims and pick up your goodies from the "RAINBOW BEACHBALLS". Secondly, for those of you who like to explore a bit, we have also dropped random special "PINK BEACHBALLS" which could be ANYWAY as you go along, either inside, or outside the stores, hidden over each of the sims.

To get started:

TP to any of the 4 sims below, (the chain hunt loops so you will eventually go to all) :

Juicy Sim Start Point
MALT Sim Start Point
YABU Sim Start Point
Juicy Del Mar Sim Start Point

 What you are looking for:

 Have fun hunting in the sun!!

 Juicy, Malt, Yabu, and Juicy Del Mar =)

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