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Kitchen Renovation

I love home decor in SL! I'm constantly buying furniture sets and then giving it away to friends after I'm bored with them. For months now, I have been using the fabulous Artilleri kitchen set (which I love and will now need to find a new home for), but I fell in-love with a new kitchen set so it was time for some major renovation.

The before picture shows my kitchen, mostly decorated with Artilleri items. The after picture shows my new kitchen, renovated with decor from AMBIANCE Interactive Furnishings. I'm using the Esmerelda Kitchen set, which is sold as a complete set or separately (pick and choose your own pieces).

AMBIANCE Esmerelda Kitchen features (from notecard):

– This beautiful kitchen coordinates with the Esmerelda Living and Dining Room Sets
– Stools, Island and Kitchen Wall Unit all feature Menu Driven Animations by SL's top animators (including sitting, cooking, cleaning, relaxing and couples animations)
– Texture Change!  This set includes a texture change feature so that it changes into 4 different color/texture collections of Black, Beach, Forest and Plum.  Get FOUR sets for the price of one!
– Lights and fireplace turn on and off by touch

I love that there are animations built into the set and includes a menu to change textures to match my home. I've chosen the 'Beach' texture option since I prefer the lighter counter tops. The decors included in this set makes it 'homey' and feels like a real kitchen.

I had a problem with the fireplace being too big for my small home, so the creator Desiree Bisiani resized it for me. I'm really impressed with the customer service so far, so I would definitely consider furnishing more rooms in my home with Ambiance items.

Here's a photo of the entire set! So beautiful! Tp to AMBIANCE Interactive Furnishings if you want to see this set and other sets.

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  1. Layne Jewell

    Their living room and bedroom sets are amazing too. (Im home decor junkie too.)The textures and the details are amazing. One thing about the animations, Im a smaller av and somehow these are perfect. No arms through heads and stuff.

  2. Morri

    Nice job, but to be honest, I like the previous version better. Funky 🙂 I’m courious how many prims does the Ambiance set consist of.

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