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Tiny Bird hair

Tiny Bird has just released three new hairstyles perfect for the beach & Summer weather because they are pulled back or braided and they're super cute!! I'm wearing Brown hair today because of Gala's new June skins, they're so pretty and goes well with Brunette hair colors.

[ Tiny Bird – Buffy | She Sells Seashells | and Buffy ]

So adorable and the hair ties are scripted to change different colors ~ there are 12 total, and one of them is labeled 'Gogo' and it's pink!! LOL I'm assume that's for me, but you never know! There could be some other Gogo running around the grid who loves Pink as much as I do.

My home & furniture set used for these photos are the Montauk from Painter Designs. I absolutely LOVE Painter Meriman's work so much. His builds are beautiful and they have great proportions and textures. I purchased this home because it was perfect for my island, it even comes with nautical decor! If you're looking for a home, I totally recommend Painter Designs, the customer service is awesome. When I purchased this home a couple of months ago, he only had the Montauk with one bedroom. But 3 weeks ago, I noticed that someone had the Montauk with two bedrooms! So rather than purchase a new home (it was $8,000L), I asked if I could have an upgrade and he did it without charging me extra. Talk about good customer service! 🙂 So I thought I would mention this home here, for anyone that is interested. The outside is beautiful, too.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – June (Sundust-Light) skins
Tiny Bird – She Sells Seashells (Brownie) hair
Tiny Bird – Muffy (Brownie) hair
Tiny Bird – Buffy (Brownie) hair
DPSerendipity – Cut Sewn: Moegi
DPSerendipity – Luna di Miele (Green)
Cupcakes – Summer Shorts (White)
SLink – Buckled Wedge Heel (Crystal)

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