Fashion Expo is so much fun! When I went, there were a ton of people there but the lag wasn't bad at all. I loved that a lot of vendors are doing RFL items, and priced them reasonably. I always make it a policy to try and buy RFL items when I go to fairs or expos, simply cos I really don't *need* most of the stuff I see, but I will donate some money to charity if I'm getting something in return, that happens to be cute 😀 Sometimes I break that rule though, but I'll have to show you those items later in the week.

Zaara created this gorgeous Frawla+ishaya outfit, a RFL special item that includes gorgeous Ishaya gold pants with sculpted cuffs and a very sexy Pink Frawla top. The Pink Frawla top has great textures, criss-cross ties in the back, and sexy plunging neckline!

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Blossom (Lumine) Skin
Truth – Minx 2 (Walnut) hair
Zaara – (RFL Special) Frawla+ishaya outfit
Muse – Banche Necklace in Gold, Blanche Earrings, Blanche Bracelets
Detour – Glamour Metallic Pumps (Gold)
Location: Photos taken at the gorgeous Verdigris sim!

Fashion Expo is June 8th – June 14th – Here is the exact location of Zaara's shop!

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