Hair Fair 09: Fuel

Four more days until Hair Fair 09 is over, and I still have so much hair to blog! Oh well, almost every hair has been covered on other blogs but here goes another HF post from me. Fuel is back with four new hairstyles, check it out!

[ Fuel – Aya (beach blonde) ]

[ Fuel – Coco (beach blonde) ]

[ Fuel – Nezumi (beach blonde) ]

[ Fuel – Coco (beach blonde) ]

Tp to FUEL @ Hair Fair

The dress & jewelry set I'm wearing are freebie items available at the 25ans sim. Join the 25ans Community group, click on the various kiosks available to receive free gifts. There are a lot of well-known Japanese creators participating in this, and I think it is to promote 25ans magazine from Japan.

All those little pink boxes are from other people leaving behind their trash!! Please be considerate and take your freebie items and unpack at home.

Tp to 25ans

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