Truth, Haven Designs, Lelutka newness!!!!!

[ Truth – Stephanie | Charlotte ]

[ Truth – Grazia | Grazia 2 ]

Truth has just released 3 gorgeous hairstyles and I love love love the bangs on these. Stephanie is a long flowy style with side swept bangs, Charlotte has an adorable color-changeable headband and Grazia includes a bonus, Grazia 2 with slightly different bangs.

I'm wearing this adorable new Haven Designs Sasha dress, and matching my headband to the stripes. I don't get a chance to wear Purple often, but I love the richness of the color.

A few nights ago I happily tried on this new unnamed skin from Lelutka's upcoming release! Minnu Palen is adding the final touches to the skin, but so far I'm loving what I see. It's an adorable face, as always, I lurve my Lulutka skins <3<3 and a totally new body with lots of subtle shine for that nice beachy look. I can't wait to see the full release!!

NSFW below!

Gorgeous new Lelutka body, check out the shiny boobs shading!

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Grazia (Mocha, Strawberry)
Truth – Stephahie (Mocha)
Truth – Charlotte (Mocha)
Lelutka – unreleased skin preview
Haven Designs – Sasha Dress
HaysUriza – Sayuri (Midnight Purple Pumps)

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  1. Beautiful skin indeed, but I don’t like the shine above the nose, its looks kinda greasy :/

  2. I agree with the nose comment. But overall, I’m exited too. And I’m particularly sighing in relief that this new line will have pubic hair. I wish skin designers would make more skin options with them.

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