Wretched Dollies

I stumbled upon the Wretched Hollow sim about a week ago (on KoinUp), when I was searching for a nice in-world location to photograph in. There's a gorgeous shop selling doll clothing & accessories called Wretched Dollies, which I haven't heard of before. I was so delighted to see so many different dresses available and they come in a range of colors & designs.

[ Wretched Dollies – Pistachio Floral Dress ]

[ Wretched Dollies – Rosemary Dress ]

[ Wretched Dollies – Pretty in Plaid Dress ]

And the skin I'm wearing is also from Wretched Dollies, it's very cute!

Tp to Wretched Dollies, be sure to explore the beautiful sim too! 🙂

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