BeBae Erin Skins

BeBae is a brand that I have been blogging since the first skin release (Anael), and every release since then has been better than the last. In case you haven't noticed, the BeBae skins are named in alphabetical order – so far we've seen Anael, Belina, Coral, Delilah, and now… there's Erin!

Erin is the latest face to be released from BeBae, the makeups are simply gorgeous. Each skin includes 2 brows (light and dark), with lashes or without, and some makeups have several different variations thrown into the package.

Shown below is BeBae 'Erin' in Cinna skin tone:

Here are the light and dark brows included with the Cinna skin tone. These brows are great for Blondes, Brunettes, and every hair color in between! The Caramel skin tone (not shown), is darker and includes darker brows than shown below:

What's a skin post without boobs?

This BeBae body is gorgeous, as always…

If you like my shape, I am wearing the Juicy Erin shape, made specifically for this release! I'm also wearing it in this blog entry and it's one of my favorite shapes ever. If you want my look, a style card is also included with the shape.

I have moved all of my older shapes to my main store, but you can find the Erin shape at my shop or @ BeBae.

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  1. *drools* sigh how long do i have to wait this time till am Actually able to buy YOU TEASER LOL <3's you

  2. I love what your wearing in that first set of photos. Is that a Juicy product?

  3. Is the shape in the pic unmodded? i have the skin and i got the shape to wear with it coz its so cute….but i look weird in it

  4. Hi Leeloo! The shape worn here is the same exact one sold in my shop. I haven’t made any additional tweaks for my own personal use. I do wear prim lashes though, so pick a pair that you like and fit it to your shape, you’ll notice a great difference in the eye area, and enhances your look 🙂

  5. I road tested the shape and skin together and the general consensus is that im a dork…shape is gorgeous…im a dork…did i say i was a dork? 😀

  6. Please tell us where you bought the lingerie worn in the photos. I like both sets and would really like to support content creators who makes such cute things.

  7. 🙁 So I guess getting the styling details is out of the question since you’ve answered other notes and not those.

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