Donna Flora

Donna Flora is a brand that has lots of gorgeous vintage-inspired designs and they're all stunning! I stumbled into this shop for the first time several weeks ago and was kind of horrified that I had only discovered it JUST then. It was beautiful!! There were tons of jewelry, hair, dresses, shoes.. how could I not have heard of this shop before?

I've picked out four designs from Donna Flora that I thought were both beautifully executed in textures & prim work, as well as being original.

[ Donna Flora – Gisella (Peach) ]

[ Donna Flora – Lolita ]

[ Donna Flora – Sandy (White) ]

[ Donna Flora – Jasmin Dress ]

Tp to Donna Flora for all of this & more

I'm wearing the gorgeous new BeBae Erin skins here, it's my favorite one right now. So here you go.. a ton of pictures just because! As you can see I'm having trouble sticking to one hair color today!

What I'm Wearing:

Donna Flora – Gisella (Peach)
Exile – Aphrodite (Harlow) hair
BeBae – Erin *Cinna – Greed-2b
Shiny Things – Criss-Cross Ballets Flats (White)
HaysUriza – Sayuri (Ribbon Pumps)
Exile – Emmanuelle (Strawberry) hair
Donna Flora – Lolita
BeBae – Erin *Cinna – Frost-2b
Donna Flora – Sandy (White)
L+R+W – Venus Pumps (White)
Truth – Angelina (Mirage) hair
BeBae – Erin *Cinna – Frost-2b
Donna Flora – jasmin parure jewelry
Donna Flora – Jasmin Dress
BeBae – Erin *Cinna – Frost-2b
Truth – Wendy (Driftwood) hair
L+R+W – Venus Pumps (White)

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  1. So glad you posted on DF, I have had a number of Squi’s things in my inventory for some time, especially jewelry and you have reminded me to dig them out :)) Outfits you show here look gorgeous!!

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