SLink-tastic new release!

SLink has just released two ADORABLE hairstyles! I'm wearing the Frederique and Lilly hairstyle (seen above). Frederique a short and sexy style. I didn't think I would like short hair but when I tried it on, I loved it! I love the way it frames my face and the Blonde texture is just the way I like it. The Lilly hairstyle is perfect for the boho/hippie look, and has a headband.

If you're in the mood for sexy new pumps, SLink released four fantastic styles new styles and the heels to die for.

[ SLink – Fifi Pumps ]

[ SLink – Rose Pumps ]

[ SLink – Tori Pumps ]

[ SLink – Caged Pumps ]

I've been DYING for foot tattoos like these since the SLink Valentine'sday Glamour Pumps was released earlier this year. All new SLink styles now includes the tattoo option; you can choose between five delicate designs on both feet or a
different one on each foot. The menu is intuitive and skin-tone
matching is soo easy.

Tp to SLink!

What I'm Wearing:

SLink – Caged Pumps
SLink – Fifi Pumps
SLink – Rose Pumps
SLink – Tori Pumps
SLink – Lilly hair
SLink – Frederique hair
LeLutka – LondonRevolutionPale-makeup6
blowpop – Yvette set (SCD Reader Appreciation Day Gift)
CreamShop – baby lily dress mint green set
CreamShop – CockSwan necklace

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