New Exile & Boom

[ Exile – Samantha (Raspberry) ]

Exile has just released two new hairstyles!! I've decided to wear hair colors that I normally wouldn't to show off this newly released Amped Crop Top from Boom. I haven't worn my Free Speerit Kimberly skin in awhile, and I forgot how amazing and vibrant the makeups are on this skin! <3

[ Exile – Lorna (Arctic) ]

The BOOM Amped Crop Top includes 3 different versions (opaque, sheer and VERY sheer). I'm wearing Hot Pink, Light Pink, and White.

What I'm Wearing:

Exile – Lorna (arctic) hair
Exile – Samantha (Raspberry) hair
Free Speerit Skin – Kimberly Pale (Watermelon)
Free Speerit Skin – Kimberly Pale (Hot Pink)
MekaNoiZe Labs – Monokrom (black)
BOOM – Amped Crop (White, Lt Pink, Hot Pink)
TheAbyss – Camo Shorts

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