Truth released new hair!

Truth has just released 3 new hairstyles.. you're gonna love it! I'm wearing it with the newly released Beach skins from Gala Phoenix. This particular makeup is so soft, and reminds me of something a pin-up girl might wear, so I'm wearing an old favorite outfit from Katat0nik, the Thailor dress which has a cute little matching hat.

Truth – Cajsa (mocha); this hair is named after the only Cajsa I know!

Truth – Haylie (mocha)

Truth – Gemma (mocha)

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Sundust [Light] Beach – Coral1
Katat0nik – Thailor Dress (Blue)
Truth – Cajsa (mocha)
Truth – Haylie (mocha)
Truth – Gemma (mocha)

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  1. Absolutely adore curios skins…..the bodys and skin detail are so lush…..cant wear them tho, they are all too quirky looking on me no matter how i tweak my shape. God love TRUTH hair….if only that could transfer to real life 🙂

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