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Leezu has just released the Noell Sculpted Dress and it's fantastic. A friend showed me Leezu's tutorial website, where she shows you how to make the Noelle top texture. I tried to follow it, but got lost after a couple of steps (my own fault since I can barely navigate PS). But I'm glad I didn't have to make this dress myself, it's so gorgeous and includes a big poofy sculpted skirt and matching flower hat.

Shown here is the Leezu Noell Sculpted Dress in Champagne and Violet. This dress can be worn as a wedding dress or an evening dress. The hat is a great touch, I really wish more designers did this, or some type of matching hair accessory.

Here's an older release, the Leezu Ginko Flexi Dress in Orchid. Leezu's designs are fun & original, and I totally have a soft spot for big poofy gowns. This dress comes with a hair flower & 3 different types of skirts.

Tp to Leezu @ To The Nines

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Sundust [Light] Beach-Crude 2
MMS – Grace (Lbrwn) hair
Muse – Blanche Necklace in Gold /Earrings/Bracelet
Leezu! – Noel Sculpted dress / champagne
Leezu! – Noel Sculpted dress / violet


Gala Phoenix – Sundust [Light] Beach-Crude 2
Exile – Laynie (Harlow)
LeeZu Baxter – Gingko Flexi dress /orchid
Shine – Enchanted jewelry set

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