Truth made new hair!!!! And one of them is named after me (and any other Gogo's out there)! I didn't think it would be that exciting to have a Truth hair named after me, but it totally is! There should be a collection ~ the Gogo I – XCVII. Just sayin'…

Truth – Gogo (Mocha) <– omg you all have to get it!

Truth – Ashlynn (Mocha)

Truth – Harlow (Mocha) w/ color changeable headband

Tp to Truth

I'm wearing an old beloved skin from Laqroki (when it was still RaC) called Carina. I loved this face sooo much, I wore it for more than half a year straight! Back when I was fairly new, people weren't such big skin whores. At least I wasn't. I found a skin that I liked, and I thought that was it. Done! I am hoping that this Carina skin will receive the "glow" treatment from Laq, cos I waaaaaaaants.

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  1. Oh I love Laqroki skins too, and the old collections is still great. I love skin call Drew. The fase is so cute and sweet. I hope that this Drew skin will recive “glow” treatment too. 🙂

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