Hi guys! Can you believe it's been a whole year already since the last Bid Me Bald event? Every year I re-post Wilma's story at her request, to help publicize this event and raise money for RFL. For every $5,000L that is donated, Wilma will go bald for a day. Last year, Wilma was bald for over a month, so can we try and keep her bald for the rest of 2009? 😀

You can TP to Legends Classic Rock @ Rue dAlliez if you don't want to wait until tomorrow.


I'm Wilma Delgado and I'm a breast cancer survivor.  Tonight, my partner Ryan Claxton and I will be putting our hair on the chopping block for RFL.  For every 5000 lindens donated…we go bald for a day.  If you happen to catch either of us with hair on during this time…turn us in and we have to match what was donated!

I've told my story a few times and by now everyone is probably tired of hearing about it.  But, I never tire of telling it.  I'm one of the lucky ones.  I AM A SURVIVOR! 

Please come make us bald tonight! Dig deep into your virtual wallets and make us bald. 

C'mon friends…designers.  Yes…designers! You should know me by my name…we all know how much of an sl crackhead shopaholic I am…you know how much money I've spent in your stores over the last few years…give some love back to me! I'm not above begging.  This is for a good cause..and just remember….cancer can happen to any of us. 

Cancer is a horrible disease but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Don’t look at me like I’m sick or a patient..just look at me. ..I’m a mom..I’m a daughter..a sister …a wife…a friend..I am you. Cancer can happen to anyone. Let’s just find a cure.
Please join me at Relay for Life  and be generous. Help us Remember, Celebrate and Fight Back against Cancer!

Until there’s a Cure,
Wilma Delgado

Date Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Time: 5 to 7 SL time

TP to Legends Classic Rock @ Rue dAlliez

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