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Couverture & AtomicBambi

Couverture has just released the pretty Zephr dress in five yummy colors! They are White, Green, Amber, Coral Pink, and Wisteria. I love the flexi prim skirt on this, because it's doubled layer with a semi-transparent print on top of a solid one, it moves and looks wonderful in-world.

I'm using a pose here from couverture made specifically 'for prim skirts', while you're there, be sure to check out the poses they're great for photos!

Visit Couverture

AtomicBambi is a floral accessories store, and you know how much I lurve my hair flowers!! I am wearing the AtomicBambi 'Manhattan' hair corsage in Pearl; this is copy/mod but also includes a resize script for easy re-sizing.

Visit AtomicBambi to view the entire collecetion of hair acessories, she's made TONS for all different popular hairstyles in SL.

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Cheryl (Mocha) hair
BeBae – Erin *Cinna /Classic-1b
AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Manhattan (Pearl)
couverture  – Zephyr dress
Dark Mouse – Points of Light set (Copper/Garnet)
House of London / Cherry – The Allice Cullen Ballet Flats (ivory)

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  1. love

    can you please please do a post on your top 5 favorite eyes, you alaways have prettyful ones!! and i can never find good places for them :/

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