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Do you want to be a fashion blogger?

There have been a lot of discussions on the do's and dont's for SL fashion bloggers lately. I've been blogging without a rule book for 2 years now and so far I think I'm doing OK. So here's MY own list of things you should keep in mind, not necessarily have to do, but it will be helpful:

Helpful hints for fashion bloggers:

1. Blog what you love

It's ok to blog just items that you love and gush about them. Even if your taste is not the same as everybody else, if YOU love it, it shows and somebody out there might have been looking for that exact item.

2. Be honest but not mean

Point out flaws but don't go out of your way to criticize. Whenever I see seams or other flaws, I will point them out. Now, if a designer was newer and their seams don't quite line up but the design is cute and was worth the $, I would let it slide! Does that make me a terrible blogger? I always consider the item overall, but there are some things that are unforgivable (like seams on a skin!).

3. Learn to take good pictures

A picture says a thousand words… bad lighting and a bad pose will
discourage others from buying the items you want to showcase. And you
do want people to buy it right? That's why you're blogging it in the
first place? So read tutorials, ask others for tips, and figure out how
to take nice photos! You don't have to be a Photoshop genius (I'm not),
I just take pictures in-world and crop them using Picnik (the online photo editing service).

4. Don't start a blog for the "free stuff"

Whatever you do, don't start a blog because you think it will get you
"free stuff", that won't happen. Designers have a sea of bloggers to
choose from, they will most likely send review copies to bloggers they
know will do a good job featuring their products, not just someone who
wants the "free stuff" and disappears in a month or two.

5. Consider a blogging budget

Even though bloggers are known to receive "review copies", we still have to purchase a lot of items. Many designers do not send out review copies at all, and if you love something and want to feature it, you have to buy it. Consider making a blogging budget (anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 weekly) and stick to it! Don't feel pressured to buy all the latest, and also make use of good freebies if you want to blog daily but not go into debt! 😛

6. Be ready for criticism

People who don't blog themselves will tell you that you're not blogging right or how to blog. In most cases, I would say ignore them, but I think that anybody who publishes anything on the internet should be ready to accept both positive and negative feedback. Some of it might be valid, even if it's negative. I find that most of the comments on my website are positive but there are negative comments and I consider them without letting it ruin my day.

7. Blog for yourself

I can't think of anything else right now but I will end with this really important tip. When you blog for yourself, you'll be a lot happier than keeping up with all the latest trends or letting others dictate how you should blog.

That's all for now! These tips are just basic ones for newer bloggers but they're not set in stone or anything.

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  1. Celebrity Trollop

    That’s all fantastic advice.

  2. Banana

    Hear hear!
    The best blogs to read are where you like that persons personal style and like to know their opinions. Theyre the blogs I stick to reading.
    Good tips!

  3. Ayami Imako

    I have to say I actually think you have one of the best fashion blogs in SL, and its not even that we have similar styles, to the contrary I would say our tastes are quite different, however there’s often overlapping items and I think great taste can be recognized across styles.
    I’ve thought several times about doing my own fashion blog. I often post my favorite outfits and gush on them on my flickr so it seems natural to blog it but am concerned nobody would really care hehe. This was a very helpful post and definitely gave me alot to consider about going forward with it.

  4. Ana Lutetia

    Great tips! <3

  5. Blair Leifstrom

    I never really went on other blogger’s sites before but ever since I’ve found your blog I’ve found many helpful tips and have learned so much. I didn’t have a stick with which to measure my blog against (nor did I want to, this was by chance) but finding yours has really opened my eyes to what a great blog entails. You give your honest opinion, have a distinct eye for style, and also give helpful tutorials to those that may need the assistance. Great job and great article! I feel so inspired ^_^

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