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Elate & Lara Skin

Elate has just released the adorable Betsy high waist skirt in a bunch of colors!! I'm pairing this skirt with an adorable Armidi (Gisaci) Evelyn Square Cut Blouse and the Donna Flora Media set in Quartz.

Lara Skins is a brand I normally wouldn't recommend, because the body is pretty awful. But I tried on the new Sandra skins and they have incredible makeups and a cute face (the body is still fug). But you get 5 makeups for $2,500L and that is an incredible deal!

This brand is actually getting better with each release. The previous skins were grainy, the lips are badly done, and actually there seems to be some inconsistencies from one face to the next.. but she tries? I was pleasantly surprised with Sandra, if only the body had better nipples & breast shading. I'll spare you the image, but tp to Lara Skins and grab the demo yourself. There's also a free "Aida" skin in the shop that is nice.

What I'm Wearing:

Maitreya – Zoe hair
Lara Skins – Sandra pink Pale
Armidi/Gisaci – Evelyn Square Cut Blouse (White)
Donna Flora – MEDEA set quartz
Elate – Betsy Skirt (assorted colors)

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  1. Marianne

    Thank you for beeing so honest. Some might only see the negative things you say, but I’ve read you a long time, and you try to get the positive things out too. Like what you say about the makeups here, and that the creator improves.

  2. Rawksy

    lol, now i just want to see the fug!

  3. Billie

    I actually like the bodies on the Lara skins LOL, I don’t think they’re fug at all, what’s wrong with them? Going to have to go have another look now 🙂

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