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Hidden gems… in my inventory

I'm fairly organized, but sometimes I find things in my inventory that confuses me, I don't know how it got there or how long it's been there. Then I try it on and it's totally NEW to me! Obviously I didn't try it on either, oops! Yesterday I found a skin called *GC* skin sitting there in my skins folder, not filed away properly, so I thought what is this?! When I tried it on it was like….. score! I would totally have bought this if I didn't already have it.

This is GC* skin by Giana Paine. Gigi Couture is mostly known for having adorable clothing, but there is a small skin line, and it's very affordable at $300L per skin.

THEN… I found something labelled *Donna Flora* Gisella (Juicy pink?), and of course I have no recollection why it's called Juicy Pink, and not just Pink. I blogged the Donna Flora Gisella outfit in Peach colored last week, and Squinternet Larnia had sent me a special Juicy Pink as a gift, but my inventory is such a mess I never saw it. So, thank you Squinternet! <3 Donna Flora!!

p.s. I love these N-core heels, I'll save that blog post for laterrrrr……

What I'm Wearing:

*GC* Skin Light
Donna Flora – Andrea necklace
Donna Flora – Gisella (Juicy Pink)
MEEBEE – Little Crown
UncleWeb Studio – Burly hair (Angel Shine)
N-Core – Infinity XtremeHeel Platform

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  1. Crystal

    Did she take down that skin? I know this is a post from a year ago, but I can’t find either the hair nor the skin again.

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