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I’m back on Fashion Planet

Raise your hand if you still peek at Fashion Planet from time to time? Or daily? Even though the Fashion Planet blogroll has not been updated for ages, many designers & blog readers still go there out of habit. Through, many people are able to send their posts to Fashion Planet, myself included.

I will admit that it drove me kind of nuts having to repeat my blog posts all the time, and sometimes forgetting to do it altogether. So this morning I had an idea that would solve my problem. I needed to find a syndicated url that was 1) on a domain by itself, 2) not in use & available for registration, and 3) has a rss url that was simple to duplicate. Even though many domains are inactive, they have been snatched up by those annoying domain parking things. But I got lucky, and found one that wasn't!!

So…. I found Saucy. The Saucy link on Fashion Planet met the three criteria I needed to make my idea work. So I registered the domain,, installed WordPress under the /saucy directory, and turned it into my own feed site, that feeds directly into Fashion Planet. I crossed my fingers, waited 10 minutes and viola! I'm back on Fashion Planet.

Saucy will not be a public feed, since I already have too many websites to maintain, but I just wanted to share. I will be feeding my site to Saucy as long as Fashion Planet is still active.

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  1. Clear

    I still have issues with posting on iheartsl. I think I’m just slow. I dont know.

  2. Jayde Lisle

    Hey Gogo,
    I’m Jayde Lisle – the gal who formerly owned and updated Ensembly Challenged, and who briefly designed the Saucy line. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear that EC was re-registered by a fabulous SL blogger like yourself! Love your blog – it’s the only SL related one I’m subscribed to anymore. Very nice twist of fate!

  3. Gogo

    Yay Jayde! πŸ™‚ If you ever decide to start a blog for SL again, please leave me a message I will be happy to link it πŸ™‚

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