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KA Designs Casey Skin Preview

Can you guess whose skin this is??

This is the latest addition to KA Designs line of beautiful skins. Casey is one of three faces launching soon and I'm completely blown away by the sultry but youthful look of the skin. The face is perfect and the body is natural looking and soft, with very detailed and realistic shading. Each skin includes 2 brow versions (light brows and dark brows).

Shown below is KA Skins V3 – Casey (Pale) with light brows:

Here is the gorgeous body, one of the nicest boobs I've seen in awhile. When demoing skins, be sure to strip naked! Check out the body, the toes, the ears, and every place that is not visible when covered in clothing or hair. You'll be glad you did!

I'm wearing new and gorgeous hairstyles from Exile. They are Natalie (a cute short bob) and Faith (gorgeous slightly windblown hair):

The shape in this entry is called "Casey", same as the skin. You can buy a copy at my main store @ Juicy or at my satellite shop on KA Designs Island 🙂 I made a totally new shape to go with this skin, so if you want my exact look, feel free to pick it up (style card is included).

Don't forget to join the KA Designs subscribeomatic an be the first to know when Casey is released!

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  1. Sylvan

    I would love to know where you got the brownish coloured knickers & bra from. I love them! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Gogo

    panty set – Cherry girl

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