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Need 4 Speed

Need 4 Speed has an amazing selection of sculpted sports cars and they come fully loaded with tons of features and customization options. SL ate my "vehicles" folder awhile back, so I lost my pink sports car but now I have a brand new one! Well, two actually, as of this morning 😀 Thanks to Need 4 Speed for being thoughtful enough to include a color-changing option in their list of features, so you're not stuck with just one color, but can choose from a variety of colors with each car.

This is the Need 4 Speed Diablo, which seats 1 driver and 1 passenger.

Check out this list of features! I don't know much about cars IRL, but this long list of features is impressive for a virtual car, that any car lover would apprecaite.

~Anyone Can Drive The Vehicle If In Same Group As Vehicle Is Set To***
~Free Updates Forever
~All New Sex Generator animations (Sex Generator)
~57 Pose animations total
~Holds 1 Driver and 1 Passenger
~New Driver and Passenger Animations
~ Hydrualics***
~17 Full Songs***
~Animated Speakers When Music Plays
~Bling on Rims (this options cannot be disabled)
~Easy To Navigate Blue Drop Down Customization Menus***
~24 Highly Detailed Rims***
~Wheels turn when turning
~6 Spoiler/Wing Types***
~Adjust the glow and shine for you own personal preference
~9 Different Highly Detailed Body Colors
~Turn on and off your headlights and tail lights
~Brake lights turn on when gas is not pressed and turn off while gas is pressed
~Exhaust Particles
~Tire Particles
~Hover Particles
~5 Tail LIght Types
~ Animated Hard Top or Convertible Top
~Driver Side and Passenger Side Doors Open Realisticly***
~2 Ways To Open Your Doors (Lambo or Normal)***
~Hover Mode Or Ground Mode (Particles In Both Modes)
~Never Flip Over
~2 Driver Versions Included (Street, Road) Street is more sensitive while Road handles more realisticly.
With Street version do flips, rolls, wheelies, drive up walls, over objects. Let nothing get in your way. Complete control!

More interior photos:

If you're looking for a car with even more features, check out the N4S Stalker (pictured on the right), it seats 1 driver and 3 passengers. This is great for riding with more friends or a small family in SL. This car also includes tons of features but has fewer color options than the N4S Diablo.

Visit the Need 4 Speed main store & show room to see ALL the styles available & check out the featues yourself. I promise you'll want one.. or a few to yourself, and if you're like me, you just like having a couple of nice cars parked outside your virtual home 🙂

Here I am… Rollin' out!! 😀

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  1. Shadow

    I have boughten a few vehicle sin SL, though sadly I never have aplace to use them… It would really help if every vehicle designer didn’t feel their stuff was worth 1k L+… I bought a flying vehicle I will probably never use because it sounded fun for 700L… (It’s full sculptie to with all sorta of optiosn like these)

  2. Procon Dielli

    A 2KL car may not be worth it to some people, but to some other people any amount will be worth it. The amount of artistic content that comes with these cars is stunning! Ive had my STALKER since it first came out and to this day, I still play with it (JR the owner even customized the license plate with my name). The replay value is worth what I paid for. The textures are amazing! I highly recommend these vehicles!

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