Get your Shag on!!

Recently launched Shag hair has just released even more hair!! If you haven't been to Shag yet, they already have dozens of sexy hairstyles for women, and some for men, too.

I feel like all I've been blogging lately is hair, hair, and more hair! But the hair designers have been BUUUUUUUUUSY.

Shag – Lovesick (chestnut)

Shag – Coy (chestnut)

Shag – Just Like Honey (chestnut)

Shag – Entangled (chestnut)

Shag – Adore Me (chestnut)

Tp to Shag @ Silent

I'm also wearing the Daddy's Girl outfit from BOOM (not released yet!! but really soon). Aranel Ah made this gorgeous pink Boho patchwork skirt and paired it with a very sexy tube top. <3

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  1. Not very often I see a new release line blogged and like every single hair. Very nice. And that skirt is great. Looks like I am hittin Shag as soon as I can rez.
    Thanks Gogo.

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