Head Mistress

Head Mistress has just released four fabulous new hairstyles. My absolute favorite one, that I haven't seen made so sexily anywhere on the grid is the Geisha inspired hairstyle called Memoirs of a Drama Queen! Typically "geisha" hair is kind of boring, but this has really nice side-swept bangs. <3

Head Mistress – Memoirs of a Drama Queen (mudbath)

More hair…

Head Mistress – Got Milf? (mudbath)

Head Mistress – Love Shack Groupie (mudbath)

Head Mistress – Playmate of the Year (mudbath)

Do you notice that each hairstyle has a really fun name?

Tp to Head Mistress' new main store!!

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  1. I love the hair but wonder where the top in these photos is from. it looks amazing as well.

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