Gala Phoenix Beach 2 Skins

Gala Phoenix has just released the Beach 2 skins with 12 new makeups for you to indulge in!! I'm so completely happy with this new set, it's so vibrant, rich and just beautiful. Beach skins lovers will really love these!

I'm wearing the GP: Petal [Dark] set below:

Each skin comes in Light and Dark version, and 2 similar makeups.

I'm ready for Autumn!!

TP to Curio to pick up the latest Beach 2 Skins

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Belinda (Chestnut)
artilleri – Ruby highwaist capris (baby blue)
artilleri – zee tank top (white)
Maitreya – Frisky Brown Leather Wedge

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  1. Hey, I have a question for you. I absolutely love your Juicy – Breezy shape ( the one pictured on the left, the blonde in the pink undies. )I was wondering, what skin tone is being used in the picture? It looks great!

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