Tuli Hope (Gothic) Skins

Tuli has just released the popular Hope skins in Gothic version!! There are 10 makeups total, most of them have deep red lipstick and different dark/smokey eyeliners. These skins are such a good idea and I think most skin designer should do a "fantasy" version of their skins so people can wear it with costumes and still keep their favorite face.

If you join the Tuli Update Group in-world, you get a natural no-makeup version of the Tuli Hope Gothic skin for free!! The group does have a $250L fee to join, but this is one of the few groups that I would totally recommend paying to join. It's worth it!

One more pic.. because Vampires are all the rage now. I can't stare at myself in this skin for too long, it frightens me a lil!

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