Elate Penelope Dress

Elate! has just released the Penelope dress in a bunch of colors! Each dress includes a matching color top & a white top too. I love that this dress can be both glam or casual, depending on which top you wear. Tp to Elate!

What's your favorite Gala skin? I went through my massive Gala folder and found one of my favorite faces, the April!! April has lighter brows and a gorgeous face.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Sundust [Light] April-Redbud 1
Dernier Cri – Michelle (Blonde Shades)
Elate – Penelope Dress (various colors)
Maitreya – Sassy Wedges (Velvet Rose)

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  1. Which shape are you using? I was going to buy one of your shapes from Juicy Shapes.
    I’ve tried contacting you several times in SL, but never a reply. 🙁

  2. look how beautiful your face is in these!! You always seem to pick the perfect hair to go with the look. You’re positively ‘nummy in this set!

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