Truth and Donna Flora

Truth has just released four new hairstyles!! They are Monica, Freda, Toko, and Meara. I'm wearing Seaspray color, one of my favorite shades of Blonde.

I'm wearing two of Donna Flora's gorgeous new dress! The Frida dress has a 1920's Flapper style look to it, and the Brocade dress includes a real sculpted jewel strap. I love the system skirt on it, even though I don't wear them much, they have a nice slimming effect.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Classic (Lavender)
Truth – Toko (Seaspray)
G-Field – Lady Rose Shoes (Lilac)
Donna Flora – FRIDA dress
Donna Flora – SONYA jewelry set
Gala Phoenix – Classic (Lavender)
Truth – Monica (Seaspray)
Donna Flora – BROCADE & jewels
L+R+W – Venus (GOLD) Pumps

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