Tuli Hope (Ivory)

A few days ago, Tuli released the Tuli Hope (Gothic) skins, and they have dark brows which goes perfectly with dark hair. But where are the goth skins for people that like wearing light hair (like me)? I mentioned this to Tuli and she created the Tuli Hope (Ivory) skins and they're yummy. The makeups are brighter & sexier.. imo!

Join the Tuli Update Group to get this Tuli Hope (Ivory) pris skin for free!

Tp to Tuli's Main Store

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope (Ivory) Skins
Exile – Aphrodite (Arctic) hair
Digit Darkes – Affair Slip Dress (Black)
Maitreya – Verve (Red) Pumps

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