Curio Obscura hair

A dear friend sent me the Curio Obscura 'Rococo Fantastico Hairstyle' as a gift, but to my surprise/embarrassment, I already had the exact same hair in my invy from Hair Fair (months and months ago). I'm a bad blogger :X

This hair is so big…… it's wider & taller than my avatar.

and includes a ballroom, for very tiny people!!!

Some other quirky hairstyles from Curio Obscura are:

The Pocketwatch Hairstyle, it's animated!!

The Let Them Eat Cake off Your Head hairstyle, which gives out cake to anyone that clicks.

All Curio Obscura hairstyles are scripted to change texture & the menu is customized for each style to change acessories included.

I'm having a HUGE craving right while staring at this cake hair..mmmmmmm CAKE.

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  1. Lovely!<3<3<3 Andd you look adorable even in a big big hair:) and i love that hairs:)

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