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BOOM Essential T

When is a t-shirt more than a t-shirt? When it's a BOOM Essential T that comes with 4 different levels of sheerness! The Essential T has includes the Layerable, Sheer, Faded, and Regular fabric option (shown above). I like that this t-shirt is longer and reaches the waistband on pants, too.

The Layerable option is my favorite because you can pair it with very sexy lingerie underneath. The Essential T has great shading, it's one of the nicest sheer tops I've seen.

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup1
Zero Style – Ayase (Swedish Blond)
Blowpop – Yvette sheer lace set (pink)
BOOM – Essential T (Men's/Unisex)
skream! – veritas rosary necklace
hoorenbeek – Air Force (Pink/White)

And I just want to quickly address a comment someone left on my site saying my shapes are too fat. If you're talking about Gogo's shape, or the shapes in my shop (which are similar to my size, not fatter), I completely disagree. My shape is average, compared to other shapes in SL. There are very thin avatars, and there are avatars with a lot more fat/width. My shape is "fat" if you prefer sliders at 0.

From Left to Right: My shape vs. shapes from various shops around SL. These are shapes that were either given with a skin or freebie/dollarbies that I've picked up. Gogo is not "fat" and I've tried really hard over the past 2 years to add more boobs/body fat so that my avatar is not a stick, either. I'm annoyed when people do this… ~.~

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  1. Katey

    Your avatar is NOT fat, or thin, anyone who thinks THAT is fat needs to look at their own shape and make adjustments, and not yours. GRR.

  2. Lisa Fossett

    Someone said you were FAT? NO WAY! I totally disagree!
    Sorry! Got to run to BOOM!

  3. Froukje Hoorenbeek

    Shapes don’t come any better then yours, realistic, curvy, cute and sexy!

  4. Angelique Latzo

    You are far from fat. In fact I think your shapes are proportionate, feminine and realistic. It amazing what people will say or do when they are jealous. If you are fat then i should think that makes my own shape ‘MAMAOTH’ as the only thing that has a 0 on me is my feet. Thank you for being real. You are a mentor for several hundred if not thousand women in SL and the message is a healthy one “THIN is definitively not IN!”

  5. SerinaJane

    who said you’re too fat :O LMAO
    people I don’t know but for real i think most of you take it too far in SL with slider 0….
    We all want to look good and be in shape but what i see everyday some really don’t know what a Gisele Buendchen shape looks like Gisele’s shape sliders aren’t at 0 πŸ˜‰ trust me
    and Gogo you are super cute sexy and awsometasticly perfect in shape <3

  6. Isa Bell

    Why are u so nervous?
    U are always talking so much about creators and theirs creations.
    You need to know that you arent perfect and not everyone needs to agree with you. You can be honest with peoples creations ofcourse but you should also be able to realize that not everyone is going to like your shape. Just like you dont like alot of peoples designs.
    BTW I really like your body shapes! <3

  7. Shadow

    Their has always been a trend in SL to completely unrealistic shapes… Ones I tend to consider ‘newbie’ at this point… People who have been in SL for quite awhile want a shape with curves like a real woman (or man… which is usually way harder, SL tends toward hulk hogan or a stickman)! I’ve also worked for years on keeping my shape looking realistic… legs that aren’t five miles long, breasts that would fit in a bra you’d actually find in a store, a booty that isn’t a pair of basketballs, etc… And some people appreciate that (I was even asked by some if they could have the shape to use early on). And then others think I’m ugly because I’m not a stick with huge boobs, basketball ass, and legs that are 3/4ths their bodies…

  8. Anon123

    i agree with Isa Bell.not everyone needs to agree with you..same way every individual has their own opinion..honestly i like your shapes because they are what an average girl next door should look like..unlike many ‘slcelebs’ who have a body of a 12 year old with sucked in cheeks and squinty eyes..but i do feel sometimes the face of your shapes looks a tad bit know your blog is dont get offended if
    people comment negative because thats how it goes in the blogging world,i am sure you know that better.

  9. Fallen

    you can disagree but you sort of are. I don’t like stick people but I have had friends buy your shapes and they are just fat mostly in the face and thighs. The rest is good.

  10. Marianne

    You have great shapes. Of course, someone will prefer a different look. Some like taller, thinner shapes. Some more body fat.
    I found that a bit body fat is the only way to smooth out the jagged edges of the avatar mesh. Sure, you can have zero body fat and boobs that’s not smooth rounded but looks lumpy.
    That “fat” comment reak of jealousy, ignore that. there will always be someone out there that don’t like you or your shapes.

  11. Fae Eriksen

    Fat? Are you kidding? I wonder how many people seeing a girl with a silhouette like that in real life would have the courage to call her fat. Honestly, I think your shapes are realistic and proportionate. I understand that aesthetic sense is (thankfully) not universal and something very personal, but there’s a huge difference between the statements “I prefer thinner types” and “that person/avatar is fat”. I am very sensitive about the topic, since I’ve seen too many girls obsessing over models that are clearly impossible too achieve/unhealthy. So… are your shapes fat? Yes, compared to the vast amount of SL shapes with height set to 100 and body thickness and body fat set to 0.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there should be a fixed standard. I am glad there is so much variety around and you can choose to be like a barbie doll, like the cute/sexy girl next door, like your RL self or (and that’s my case) a caricature of some curvacious pin-up from the 50’s – not to mention the non-human avatars. However, since here we should be more “free” and we are given the chance to re-invent or re-interpret our whole system of values, it is sad to see that the same shallow RL judgements are made and a figure with feminine features and an athletic build is defined fat. This was just me venting. I hope I managed to make my point despite the awful English (I apologize about spelling/grammar).

  12. JeanGenie Jewell

    fat?LOL…you are soo thin comparing to me..girls..guys don’t like even in Sl prefer curves;) and i love mines!

  13. Lashy

    Hey Gogo … your shape is fine as is and you know it. I wouldn’t say it’s a shape I’d go for myself, but I have the aesthetic sense to say, it’s a beautiful one.
    Though I do wonder what you would say if you saw my current shape. I think it’s rather squishy and plump. I actually like it as I feel like hugging myself whenever I see it. But I think my shape would be declared fat by numerous folks in SL. Would it bother me? Not really. My self worth or pride in aesthetics doesn’t ride on their affirmation. However, the critics could still “get bent” so to speak. ^__^
    Sometimes you can correlate a person’s open-mindedness to their extent of interpreting beauty. I had such a frigid definition of beauty when I was younger to the point that I went to great extents to fit into that shape. In RL, it was bulemia. In SL, it was restricting the sliders to narrow margins or going overboard on some areas to emphasize what I thought were to be ideal porportions.
    Over the years, I learned I can’t be satisfied with anything I see unless I’m actually loving the person behind it. I’m talking about my shape personally. But once I started embracing curves and thicker details about myself, I started appreciating other people’s preferences and their own take on beauty. You can’t appreciate or love anything without first loving yourself as they say.
    It takes a miserable perspective to voice out a critique that does nothing but encourage a person’s own hangups to boil to the surface. You can face their scorn with defiance and love what you have even more. Which you already do. In this matter, I’d say that they’ve actually done you a favour.
    Cheers and love, your chunky friend, Lashy πŸ˜›

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