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D-Skin 63

[ D-Skin63_F0_E0_L0 ]

Last night, I went to the D-Skin store to see if there were any new skins release. What ever happened to DynamiteTanaka Payne? He hasn't released any new skins since last year! Despite my gripe with D-Skin for having ugly toes and ears, but all the faces there are so precious it's hard to resist. Each skin is $1,000L and has very neutral makeup. I wish there were more makeup choices to justify spending $6,000L on the fatpack. I won't fatpack a skin with only 3 lipstick colors and barely any eyeshadow.

I'm wearing D-Skin #63, one of the cutest and most realistic face I've seen on skins. If there were more makeup choices (and lighter brows), I would wear this skin all the time. I hope they release something new and work on the skin a little more!! D-Skin please come back from hiatus!! <3

[ D-Skin63_F0_E0_L2 ]

Tp to D-Skin

What I'm Wearing:

D-Skin = #63
Truth – Marianne (Espresso)
Dark Mouse  – Loves Labours Lost Necklace (Gold/Pearl)
Cami Cooper – Sport Beater (Tintable)
Zenith – Group Gift (Pink Pajamas Set)

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  1. Madi

    I agree. I love the faces, but those ears are really hard to get around. lol. Lots of designers seem to go on hiatus once they get a solid line up. 🙁

  2. Abra Exonar

    I agree, one of my first really nice skins was from D-Skin, bought at last year’s harajuku box skin fair when I was but a wee noobie. I still love it and it’s stood the test of time too. Come back D-Skins! <3

  3. Megz

    I agree! The bodies are simply amazing on d-skins (minus the creepy ears and toes)…I love the detail on them and the faces are so sweet! I want more…maybe we should start a petition!

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