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Eloh Eliiot Starlight Skins

[ Eloh – Starlight in Polyxo | Eudora | Ambrosia skin tone ]

Eloh Eliot has just released her Starlight skins in five skin tones and tons of face and body options. I've been looking forward to trying this skin on all week and it is just gorgeous. If I see anybody wearing those ugly newbie skins, I'm going to send then a landmark to Eloh's shop!

All Starlight skins are FREE @ Eloh's shop on Lippert or you can download the PSD files here:

Look closely, there are 2 different nose and 2 eye options. I'm wearing Eudora in Light Brow Eye A, Nose A / Eye A, Nose B / Eye B, Nose A / and Eye B, Nose B. Click on the image to view full-size if you want a closer look at the subtle differences.

I hope someone more talented than me makes some awesome makeups for these. I think that these skins have such a beautiful smooth and youthful look. They may be "free" skins but they're really amazing and can rival any skins brand in SL. I <3 them.

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  1. Senna Demina

    Hiii! πŸ™‚
    Where are your lashes from in this blog post?
    They look great!
    BTW, love the new Eloh skins, I will make some makeups for me πŸ™‚

  2. Onatopp Monday

    I love the hair you are wearing here. May I ask where it came from?

  3. Gogo

    Hi Onatopp! I’m wearing the Truth – Harlow hair in Mocha by Truth Hawks.
    Hi Senna! I’m wearing 2 pairs of lashes together in this entry; one pair on chin and another pair on nose attachment, I think. They’re FTL lashes by Framboise Werribee and a pair from TheAbyss that came with the doll avatars package.

  4. Clear Canning

    I found those yesterday and loved it when I uploaded it. If only I knew how to create make up for skins.

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