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Exile & SugarCube!

YUMMY new stuff from Exile & SugarCube!

I found this gorgeous SugarCube 'Meduse' dress at the Designers United event,
which runs from August 15th – August 25th. The Meduse dress is such a
good deal, it includes 4 tops, 3 skirts, 2 diferent styles of sleeves.
You can mix and match to create a ton of different looks, for only
$150L! The dress is available for a limited time!

Exile released two hairstyles worn above: Angelica and Sylvie. I'm wearing both in Cheyanne Brown texture. The Angelica style is worn on both the head attachment and spine so the lower portion of the hair won't sink into the shoulders.

Gorgeous ANEXX LeatherGladiatorHeels in SilverWhite. So well done, and so easy to color-match. I think I did a pretty decent job! I don't Photoshop my photos (99% of the time), so what you see here is what you see in-world. Aren't these YUMMY?

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope prototype base skin
Exile – Angelica (Cheyanne)
Exile – Sylvie (Cheyanne)
SugarCube – meduse dress
ANEXX – LeatherGladiatorHeels_SilverWhite

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  1. Ipanemagirl Bin

    Lovely Gogo!!<3<3 and great style so pure so simple and gorgeous:)) love you Gogo<3<3<3

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