It's not a secret that when a new brand emerges and all the designers happen to have the same last name, people automatically assume they're alts of other designers. has been getting a lot of buzz lately, people are curious about the real designers behind this newly created brand.

When I checked the blog, the list of designers seems to have grown. As of right now, there 8 Monday accounts associated with the brand. This could be a team of people, or just one person. Who knows?


  • Darling Monday
  • Jolie Monday
  • Jumah Monday
  • Noa Monday
  • Noemi Monday
  • Parvarti Monday
  • Viva Monday

Public Relations

  • Taryn Monday

So many people have sent me IMs asking me if I knew who is behind, but like you, I don't have a clue! Someone told me they knew for sure who the designers are behind this brand, but without any concrete evidence, I don't know if I can believe it. Whoever they are, I've heard nothing but compliments about their savvy marketing and sleek ads.

You'll probably see the outfits featured on other websites many times over, so I'm going to skip right to the shoes!! These are very basic styles, but the textures are nice, and the colors match their clothing line. You know it's hard to find shoes that match clothes perfectly, so I know a lot of people will love that they can purchase a complete matching outfit, right down to the shoes. – Basic Pumps (Silver) – Basic Flats (Berry)

Tp to (August 7th)

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