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Kira Ahn Eris Skins

Kira Ahn has been extremely hard at work, she will be launching several new faces soon. One of them is Eris, available only at the UVogue skin fair, from now until August 19th. On Thursday, August 20th, Eris will be available at KA Designs Main Store in all skin tones!! I only saw "Sunkissed" tone at the UVogue skin fair.

I am wearing the Eris in Sunkissed skin tone & Brown brows. This skin has 1 "no makeup" skin, and 7 beautiful makeups to choose from. Each skin also comes with 3 brows, and an optional hair base skin for people who like them.

Over the past year, I think that Kira has improved her makeup skills a lot. I use to think that her skins had too much eyeliner, and not enough color variety. When a designer asks me for feedback, and I can be brutally honest, I'm really glad it didn't offend her and she started making more natural makeups and in my opinion, her skin went from average to stunning.

Tp to KA Designs Main Store

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  1. Ana Lutetia

    Love at first sight!! Kira has been an amazing job and you are right these makeups are so much better than the previous ones.

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