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Naith Smit, Exodi, Bax Coen, and Donna Flora!

The designers of SL have been busy releasing some amazing new stuff this week. Naith Smit has just released these adorable Sailor Jerry top in a bunch of colors. I'm wearing the top in Green, Blue, and Yellow because those colors pairs well with the new Donna Flora Lemon Juice jewelry set.

BAX Coen has just released these great Prestige Boots in Black Leather and White Leather. This is one of the nicest fit I've seen on knee-length boots. The boots comes with tons of options changeable via a menu. I love the built in Boot Tops selection, you can wear it with no sleeve, sleeve up, sleeve down, or denim style. It's like having four styles for the price of one 🙂

Exodi has just released these adorable new Lily skins! Shown above is Lily in Cherry skin tone, light brows, and four of the available makeups.

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Charlotte (Mocha)
Naith Smit – Sailor Jerry Top
Exodi – Nadia Shorts (Black)
BAX Coen – Prestige Boots (Black Leather/White Leather)
Donna Flora – Lemon Juice set

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  1. Ayami Imako

    Ryker’s skins from Exodi are sooo awesome. Easily in my top five skin shops in SL. I mostly stick with her Eden V2 line cause they fit my avi so well but I got Lily in the Cedar tone and I havn’t taken it off since. Such a pretty skin!
    The prestige boot is a MUST OWN. Such a wonderful boot with so many options and the fit menu in it is AWESOME. I have an unusual shape cause I have heavy leg muscle with some knee knock and usually boots just don’t fit me at all. This is the first time I have had boots fit flawlessly without even needing the invisiprim. Expensive but sooo worth the price.

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