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New Truth hair, omg it’s THE FARRAH!

[ Truth – Farrah | Veronica ]

Truth has just released four new hairstyles. These hairstyles are beautiful, as always! I wanted to wear Blonde hair for the Farrah style, but the new Atomic Grace skin is more suited for Brunettes, and it goes so well with the Mocha hair texture. 

[ Truth – Mini | Belinda ]

Even though I said the Atomic Grace skins have seams (on the feet & arms), I went ahead and got the Daring Nude makeup. But it still bugs me :X Do you wear skins with defects because you like the face? I guess a lot of people do, since truly perfect skins are a rarity in SL. There will always be *something* that's not right.. even on skins I wear all the time. Some defects are easily overlooked, if it's in places that nobody really sees (like the ears, teeth, or toes). I really hope the creator of Atomic skins fixes these seams issues before releasing the next batch of makeups.

What I'm Wearing:

Atomic – Skin_Grace_Honey (Daring Nude)
Shine – Cara (jewelry set)
Hucci – Maxi Dress (Creme)
Truth – Aurora Heels (Beige)

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  1. Leeloo

    I have bought skins with body imperfections if the face has won me over….like Glance’s Bruna skins…adored the face, but the too white knee’s meant i didnt stick with it for long…..another annoyance is when you get bad shading on the hands….like a fake tanning gone wrong πŸ™‚

  2. Terri Zhangsun

    I actually have never looked at anything but the face before when buying them. I guess I should check out more of the other details especially for such an expensive purchase.

  3. Flanner

    Love the dress, but went to two Hucci stores and couldn’t find it. Do you know if it hasn’t been released yet?

  4. Eboni Khan

    The dress is not out yet. It is from the early fall collection. I will be available in a couple weeks. If you drop a notecard on me in world I will give you a free copy when I open my new store.

  5. Helyanwe Vindaloo

    Bleh, i was searching all over for his dress as well >:

  6. Kalol Mommsen

    I always check out the face first.. i usually go with nude since i change around alot and it matches with everything

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