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Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird has just released four new hairstyles!! They are Kissy Kissy (my favorite!), New Soul, New Soul II, and The Killing Moon. I'm wearing all hairstyles in Hazelnut color.

Tp to Tiny Bird!

I'm wearing the new Atomic Grace 'VIP Pink' skin, a sim opening gift. I like how this skin looks on me but the feet and arms have seams, which is something I'm not entirely happy about. It's still a cute face though.

Tp to the new Atomic sim (the gift is inside the skin shop on the counter).

If you like my Elate! Ana's Owl Belt, you can get it on Saturday for free at the Hodgepodge Mall. There will be tons of freebies and exclusive items there!

Tp to the Hodgepodge Mall Opening on Saturday, August 22nd @ 12pm SLT

What I'm Wearing:

Atomic – Skin_Grace_Honey – VIP Pink
Armidi – Sheer Ribbed Tank (White)
Exodi – Nadia Shorts (Black)
Elate! – Ana's Owl Belt
Zaara – Vyomini chained bracelet *turquoise*
Detour – Layback Flip Flops (White)

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  1. Fallen

    i guess that live act shirt will never be revealed . bad fashion blogger! Luckily there are other blogs that helped. it’s just sad for a fashion blogger, you wouldn’t even tell people. plus your trailer girl look didn’t even work for that style of clothing.

  2. Gogo

    @Fallen – I have no idea what your gripe is. I’ve credited everything worn in this entry. I would never purposely NOT give credit; if I didn’t credit something it is probably because I’ve worn it 100x in previous posts. The shirt I’m wearing? It’s Armidi!

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